Corporate Diplomacy is the Communication aimed at implementing favorable conditions for carrying out strategic business development initiatives.

Corporate Diplomacy is done by executives, not supported by the corporate identity, but it is based on corporate brand maturity, not on personal brand equity.

Executives are increasingly faced with the daunting change going on in a world that is changing faster than the ability of organizations to adapt and thrive in the face of these changes. At the heart of the challenge is how executives in different organizations communicate with each other. The challenge is leveraging relationships and content to increase an organization’s alignment, effectiveness, and capabilities to deploy high performance.

Why does the business development practice require additional communication efforts?

For more information on Corporate Diplomacy visit the methodology site in english or spanish (Diplomacia Corporativa)

Business development opportunities often emanate from alternative business models to a company’s core business, so both Marketing – which supports traditional sales – and external communication – that builds the traditional brand equity – leave the development of new sources of income supportless. Such is the case for opportunities coming from digital transformation and from globalization, among other circumstances.

climaXnote helps executives maximize the returns on their Corporate Diplomacy strategy and minimize the related workload on executives’ agendas. To do so, climaXnote provides practitioners, advisory on how and when to share key business insights with stakeholders as well as how and when to use key business insights shared by stakeholders.

climaXnote also provides access to methodologies and online tools to achieve strategic business development objectives:

  • IQK: Initiative Qualification Kanban help executives qualify winning business initatives in close collaboration with their internal and extended team. Based on the qualification effort, a plan is built for initiatives to be jointly implemented. climaXnote IQK’s are available as cloud templates that come with convenient advisory.
  • CEP: Content and Event Projects bring toguether a selection of executives, to share oppinion, experience and knowledge related to specific business opportunities and challenges. climaXnote CEP’s can be held privately or in front of an audience. The objective is to help partcipants and/or attendees to complete a climaXnote IQK‘s based on the content covered. climaXnote CEP’s can be held on physical site or as a cloud template that comes with convenient advisory.
  • SRK: Stakeholder Relationship Kanban help practitioners to organize their stakeholder relationships, plan the work required to make them advance in the right direction, and collaborate with their specialized teams to implement the communication strategies required. climaXnote SRK’s are in the shape of online Kanban Boards and made available based on the optimal user permissions.

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